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Aloha 26 Baba 30 Baba 35
Baba 40 Bahama 28 Cheoy Lee 35
Cheoy Lee 43 M.S. Cheoy Lee 44 Cheoy Lee 48
CT 48 CT 54 CT 56
CT 65 Fairweather Mariner 38 Golden Wave 42
Islander 26 Islander 28 Islander 32
Islander 34 Islander Freeport 36 Islander Freeport 38
LaFitte 44 LaFitte 66 Mirage 25
Mirage 27 Mirage 30 Mirage 33
Mirage 35 Nassau 42 Nassau 45
Nordic 34 Nordic 40 Nordic 44
Norseman 447 Panda 40 Passport 37
Passport 40 Passport 44 Passport 47
Perry 41 Perry 47 Perrywinkle 10
Perrywinkle 8 Polaris 43 Saga 35
Saga 43 Seamaster 46  South Pacific 42
Southern Offshore 42 Tashiba 31 Tashiba 36
Tashiba 40 Tatoosh 42 Tatoosh 51
Tayana 37 Tayana 47/48 Tayana 52
Valiant 32 Valiant 37 / 39 Valiant 40
Valiant 42 Valiant 47 Valiant 50
Valiant PH 40 Westsail 38 White Wing 36

Bob Perry – Yacht Designer

Having owned several of Bob Perry designed cruising yachts, including the Valiant 32, Valiant 37 and Valiant 40, we obviously share the concept that Bob Perry designs are comfortable, beautiful and seaworthy.

Our love of "true sailing" yachts, great esthetics, good performance and value, have made us the leading brokers for so many of Bob Perry designed boats, one of the most prolific and successful designers of performance cruising yachts.

As close personal friends and admirers of the great design talents of Bob Perry, we are pleased to include in our website, the production designs of Robert H. Perry, Yacht Designer. His designs, from the production yachts included in this list, to his many custom, one-off yachts and IOR racers, can be found around the world.

For more information on Bob Perry designed boats, his wit, his frank reviews, his services, or to have a custom yacht designed just for you, click here and be sure and tell him, Sylvia and Stanley at Offshore Atlantic Yachts, sent you…

For information on any brokerage yachts designed by Bob Perry, click here and we will get you the most up to date information on any model, currently available anywhere in the world. Remember, as the leading brokers for many of these designs, including Passport Yachts, Tayana Yachts and Valiant Yachts, just to name a few, we are often in the position of knowing that a particular yacht is coming to the brokerage market, as an exclusive listing of Offshore Atlantic Yachts. Also, when we know that someone is looking for a particular make or model, we have access to many resources, unavailable to most yacht brokers.

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