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        As part of the original founders of VALIANT YACHTS in Seattle in 1973 and having been the selling agents for both PASSPORT and TAYANA, as well as the marketing manager for VALIANT YACHTS in Gordonville, Texas for 5 years and with our combined sales efforts, reputations, and national advertising, OFFSHORE ATLANTIC YACHTS offers our clients knowledge, experience and a team of sailors and trained specialists unmatched in the industry, to help you with your new yacht, to advise you regarding your future plans, to help you purchase additional gear and to service and maintain your yacht for you.

         The BROKERAGE DIVISION of OFFSHORE ATLANTIC YACHTS, presents these featured Brokerage boats. Potential buyers & sellers of Brokerage VALIANTS, PASSPORTS, TAYANAS, MASONS & other world class, bluewater passagemakers, find this a perfect venue for bringing buyers & sellers together. At OFFSHORE ATLANTIC YACHTS, you are talking to a team of sailors who have literally tens of thousands of offshore miles, who are liveaboard cruising yacht specialists & who have the experience in sail and power to help you with your selection. 

    OFFSHORE ATLANTIC YACHTS is located in the Palm Beaches, next to the Lake Worth Inlet…one of South Florida’s main offshore gateways to the Atlantic Ocean and the islands of the Bahamas, the Caribbean and the Panama Canal. Naturally, since this is Florida, we are blessed with great weather, year around sailing and the location of America’s sailing marketplace. We bring buyers and sellers together from around the globe. We sell yachts all over the world, to buyers from all over the world for sellers from all over the world. We also have broker/sales-representatives in Annapolis to serve the mid-Atlantic and New England region, on the West Coast of Florida, Louisiana and Texas for the Southwest region and as Native West Coasters and having been residents of the Mid West, we cover the Mid-West, West Coast and the far North with the expertise that only native sailors and long term residents of a region can enjoy. We are also proud to have just been named new boat dealers for Tayana Yachts. Tayana Yachts is one of the world’s oldest and most experienced builders of semi-custom, blue water cruising yachts.

     If you’re looking for a particular yacht, we’ll do our best to locate your "Dream Boat". We are the leading brokerage house & pride ourselves on our elaborate yacht tracking system and access to a worldwide network of brokerage houses as well as a private network of nationally selected yacht brokers & marine professionals who specialize in premium quality, hard-to-find previously owned yachts. At OFFSHORE ATLANTIC YACHTS, you’re dealing with liveaboard sailors who have logged over 60,000 miles sailing offshore, including racing & cruising, sailors who have been owners & manufacturers of fine yachts. We are in a unique position in NEW & BROKERAGE YACHT SALES, to offer you the most knowledgeable information regarding bluewater offshore passagemaking or weekend family outings. To purchase a preowned yacht or to find a buyer for your present boat, come in & talk with the experts. We are bluewater, liveaboard, cruising yacht specialists & we are here to help your dreams come true.

Sylvia & Stanley Dabney MEET Sylvia and Stanley Dabney ……….. details soon.
Dave Abt  MEET DAVE ABT……….. 
Our friend and yacht broker, David was a highly successful sales executive who retired from Corporate life. Dave Abt has spent his entire life in and around the boating community. Having grown up in a sailing family, on Cape Cod, he began sailing at the age of 6 and was sailing offshore by the age of 14. Before abandoning the racing scene in the mid 1980’s for the peacefulness of offshore cruising, Dave sailed for the Penn State University Sailing Team and ran the university’s sailing program at one of their school owned parks.
In addition to holding a USCG Master’s Near Coastal License with sail, Great Lakes and towing endorsements, Captain Dave is also a licensed PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and teaches Scuba Diving at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis. It is easy to say that his whole life continues to center around the water. Currently Dave resides in Annapolis, MD on his Tayana V-42, which he and his family have lived on, for several years. Not only does Dave have a unique understanding of vessel operation (sail & power) both inland and offshore, but he also owns a yacht management and outfitting company called Annapolis Sea Care, Inc. One of the core focuses of the firm is to prepare not only the boat for offshore work, but also the crew. Dave continues to train and help new voyagers prepare for their dream by teaching and holding personalized sessions so new cruisers can become better prepared for that first trip over the horizon.
Garry Domnisse MEET Garry Domnisse………..  Garry is a two time Valiant owner, has been in yacht sales for many years and has been a personal friend for 10 years. Garry was raised "on the water" in Oregon, where his father was a commercial fisherman and where he gained a healthy respect for the sea and an appreciation for sea-worthy vessels. Garry bought his first boat as soon as he graduated college and then continued on with the family tradition of being on the sea by joining the U.S. Coast Guard as a commissioned officer, after graduation.

Now, as a retired Lt. Commander in the U.S. Coast Guard, Garry holds a U.S. Coast Guard Captains license, a General Class Amateur License and gives seminars on boating, electronics and navigation.

After restoring and outfitting their present liveaboard sailboat, a classic Valiant 40’, he and his wife Carol (who also hails from generations of sailors), recently completed a voyage from California, through the Panama Canal to Annapolis Maryland. As a long term liveaboard cruiser, Garry brings his knowledge of boats, the sea, living aboard, cruising and outfitting of yachts, to his many clients who find that working with a broker who has "been there, done that", gives them a level of comfort and trust, often unavailable at most brokerage houses

Dave Abt MEET Larry Smith ……….. 
We are lucky to have with us in this office, yet another 2 time Valiant liveaboard owner.   Larry Smith, a retired T.I. Engineer from Dallas, who owned both a Valiant 32 and a Valiant Pilot House 40 . He and his wife Peggy live in Old Port Cove on the Intracoastal Waterway, where they overlook 2 Old Port Cove marinas, sailing yachts, mega yachts and the Old Port Cove Yacht Club, which was designed by
the renowned sailor and architect, Bill Ficker. All snowbirds enjoying the Intracoastal Waterway, whether heading south in the winter or North in the summer, pass right by Larry and Peggys beautiful condo.

Larry is a big time Texas racer, Stanley and he raced to Isla Mujeres last year, he is an avid cruiser and he is an excellent salesman and friend, with the highest level of integrity, the same as our other brokers...a quality we cherish in our friends and a quality we demand in our business associations. Larry is also a U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captain. All of these people will be on your selling and or buying team - all hold the highest regard for integrity and accountability in their personal and professional lives - all are highly motivated salesmen and competent yachtsmen.
Tom & Vicky Meet Tom Kiesau, Originally landlocked sailors from the great waters of Lake Texoma on the Oklahoma/Texas border, Tom Kiesau along with his wife Vickie, cut their teeth on sailing in the great waters of Oklahoma. After spending several years
landlocked on Lake Texoma, they headed for the Caribbean on their VALIANT 47, where they lived aboard and cruised for a number of years, before deciding to
upgrade and move up to a larger vessel, after wheting their appetite for offshore adventures and travel, sailing in the Eastern Caribbean.
During the past year, having taken delivery of a new AMEL 53 in France, Tom
and Vickie sailed across the Atlantic to the Caribbean, before heading back
to Florida.

With the addition in their family, of a new grandchild, they have decided to
spend time in the Southern Florida area and they have brought their
experience, expertise and love of the cruising lifestyle with them, to join
the team of Offshore Atlantic Yachts.  Tom is a licensed U.S. Coast Guard
Captain and Florida licensed yacht salesman.and Vickie is a registered nurse,
specializing in cardiac intensive care.

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